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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 19:14

1. As the world of electronic music was waking up after the winter, Deadmau5 took the chance to troll thousands of people at the "biggest" festival "ever".

After an Ultra Miami headliner, Avicii was hospitalized, Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 took his place to rick-roll tens of thousands of people at the main stage. While everyone was expecting BigRoom and "Wake Me Up" the mau5 dropped a heavy parody of Martin Garrix's "Animals". If that wasn't enough he decided to go full techno for his entire set. The set was shared all over and everyone who knows the scene a little, was bursting in tears laughing his ass off. Well played Joel, well played.

2. Dillon Francis invades social media with "clips" that'll make you shit your pants while ROFL. He comes up with the most unexpected outbursts in the most various ways. Even when he sounds serious he ruins it in the last couple of seconds. GEENIUS. (See the best one's on his facebook)

3. Steve Aoki tries to sue Wunderground only to make people laugh harder at him. Wunderground's response to Steve's Lawyer is as hilarious as it could be.

4. Traktor launches its new flagship model the S8. Conservative DJs got freaked out by the lack of the JOG.

5. Carl Cox defends "EDM" (aka BigRoom house) in an interview, calling it the getaway drug of electronic music.

"EDM's an entry level to dance music, and I'm very happy about that. We fought so long for dance music to be respected there."

6. While dubstep disappears from the commercial scene and trap is struggling to stay there 2014 becomes the year of deep-house. Youtube channels like SuicideSheep gain more followers than Mixmag, Pitchfork and Wunderground together.

7. Vinyl sales skyrocketed reaching sales equal to the ones recorded in the 80's.

8. Soundcloud was brought to its knees by the law in order to enforce DMCA upon its users.

9. Aphex Twin is the producer of the year according to many.

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Written by: Kado

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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