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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Wednesday, January 14, 2015 19:36

We like to believe that we know a lot about Japanese culture, however we end up puzzled at best, and freaked out at worst when experiencing it.

In a recent article about music and globalization, I wrote about the shift in cultural trends at a global level, which are having a direct impact on the electronic scene. I've chosen Japan because that's where the sun rises. Isn't it? So my articles will follow as the sun is rising...

Putting aside all my personal motivations, Japan is a place where, no matter where you look, or even if you don't look at all, you're going to stumble into some weird stuff. Why would anyone drive a car sideways, and why would anyone make cartoons with huge monsters owning skinny girls? The answers to questions like these would be long and mostly useless, even if I had the knowledge to understand them to the greatest extent.

Yet, we tend to enjoy the gifts of the Japanese culture a lot. But how does Japanese electronic music sound like? It sounds like early synthpop; it also sounds like French electro, and it also could be hard trance. Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sinichi Osawa, and Yoji Biomehainka stood out to me as a kid, but other than those, I had no idea what the electronic Japanese sound was like. So I did some digging.

Here are some of what I've found:

There is totally globalized Japanese music...

But there are also ones that carry the traditional Japanese sound. It will be interesting to look back in ten years, and see how the trends of globalization have shaped the unique Japanese arcadish beeping soundscape. What do you think?

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Written by: Kado
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