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Thursday, January 22, 2015 19:14

The British Library has launched a crowdfounded project in order to save six million sound recordings.

Luke McKernan, the lead curator of news and moving image, wrote the following lines in his announcement on January 12: "Archival consensus internationally is that we have approximately 15 years in which to save our sound collections by digitising them before they become unreadable and are effectively lost."

Based on the article of the hyperallergic the sound recordings date back as far as the mid-19th century containing materials such as the voice of WWI soldiers or the sound already extinct animals. You can find out more about details and the ways of contribution on the official website. It's worth spending a few bucks on assuring the means for a sonic time travel.

Also you can download many of these recordings from the libraries soundcloud page for free, so it's time to get creative.

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