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Saturday, January 31, 2015 20:33

The word "French" can have countless connotations when added as an attribute for something.

If it comes to cars then it's mostly related to the cursing of the mechanic while trying to reach bolts in the stupidest places while replacing a light bulb. But you've bought that car for a reason, isn't it? It is very likely that the reason for buying a French car can be traced back to things like character and design.

So let's talk sound design. Regardless of what kind of party it is, everybody loses their minds when it comes to "Technologic" or "We Are Your Friends". As we commonly like to refer to it, "French Electro" is always king. We all tend to know what it is, how it sounds, and how much energy we get while listening to it. Of course, to be technically correct what we refer to as French Electro is a large scale ranging from French Touch House to Justice-like Electro-Trash madness. If you look a bit further there is Etienne de Crecy making something that no one understands, or Lifelike who is making top-notch electro-synth.
If it comes to cars then it's mostly related to the cursing of the mechanicThis is the very music that, from a musical standpoint, is as reliable as a VW is on the road. Despite this when you look at the surface of the musical ocean there is no such enthusiasm for it as for other underground genres such as tech-house or breaks. But this is just the surface. Below the surface, in the shallow waters it is thriving and awaiting to reach Daft Punkish heights. Guys like Kavinsky, Lemaitre, Uppermost, Lifelike, Sebastian and many others are constantly busy crafting tasty French vibes. And these names are just the bigger ones, since there are a bunch of other less well known guys who are making quality stuff, such as Else of the LordreCollectif, Dizkopolis (even if they are from Kuala Lumpur), and tons of others (Please if you know any, don't hesitate to put those names in the comments ).

So why isn't French touch music all over the place blowing the top of the charts into bits? It is maybe down to the fact that the French are stubborn. They have class, they always had, and they won't change it for some random trends which appear and disappear with the speed of light. Even if their stubbornness means that they will hardly speak to you in English when you visit France despite the fact that they do speak English, it is damn cool to have some chaps in the scene who are pushing their own ideas forward, no matter what.

They are the consistent semi-underground, producing quality stuff no matter what kind of storm is trying to turn the whole surface upside down. If you don't know some or any of the names mentioned above and you like tasty, vibrant, and energising music, now you know where to look.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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