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Thursday, February 05, 2015 20:08

The world of music is a wonderful place to be in. You're gazing onto the screen to find something truly mind -blowing, but nothing happens for days.

You give up after listening to hundreds of mediocre tracks on soundcloud, you retreat to facebook for a bit of relief, and BAAAM. You click on a link from a friend who's notorious for finding "off the scale" music, and all of a sudden you're in paradise.

The Blackwood EP is breathtaking in an intelligently mean way. Progressive and atmospheric breaks are something that you don't hear on every corner. In fact it's deep down in the underground right now. It wasn't always like this: in the mid-late 90's, when progressive and atmospheric breaks were sort of well known, Hybrid and Way Out West being the most important influences as far as the internet can tell. Almost two decades later the scene is on the rise once more. It is a flourishing scene with Labels like Morphosis or artists like Slighter, Dave Gluskin, E.F.G., and many more.

If you consider the above mentioned "ingredients" mixed together as a cake then the Blackwood EP is the cherry on the top, or the strawberry, because I like strawberries more. And since we live in the time of big comebacks (Model500 aka Juan Atkins – Digital Solutions) these cakes are damn delicious and addicting. In this case Jamie Myerson is to "blame" for the terrific production on the first track. He was one of the very first American breakbeat pioneers. The JLM Productions tracks on Reinforced were crafted by him as well.

"Krimpet" is like the first orgasm you hadBack on method one the EP contains four tracks. The very first song, "Blackwook" is just an appetizer of what to come. In fact, it is a weak appetizer, and not because it's bad, it's brilliant, but two other tracks are so well made that you might feel the first one insignificant. When your track is so good that it makes your other track insignificant, then we're talking. When "Yesterday's Dust" kicks in, you're literally floating. I could be writing novels about it, but that's not the point and I don't want you to think that Jamie has slipped me a huge check, so all I'll say is hit play right now (Please note: Don't even try with cheap headphones or built in speakers). "The Precipice" is just as beautiful as it is hard to find the right mood for it. One doesn't simply get into the right mood for it. You have to go on a long cruise, or be dead tired, or stand alone on a hilltop gazing into the stars while contemplating your life. Last but not least, "Krimpet" is like the first orgasm you had. You have no idea what it is, but it feels great. Although the magic wears off a bit as you hit repeat over and over, it's very possible that you will remember it even after a couple of years.

To sum it up, the Blackwood EP is not one of the greatest EPs ever, that will carve its signature into history, but it's a truly remarkable, very well-composed piece of musical poetry. What else can I say? Bandcamp awaits.

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Written by: Kado

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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