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Wednesday, July 01, 2015 17:23

The Glitch Mob was one of the hottest headliners at Electric Castle and yet it was the most unpopular. Why?

The Glitch Mob is the thing right now, taking its foothold on the commercial festival scene. After tweaking glitchy sounds for more than a decade, Edit, Ooah and Borela have found their way to the hearts and ears of the masses. They're playing gigs all over the world, their latest album, "Love Death Immortality", was a huge success, so it is safe to state that The Glitch Mob have made something new that became an instant success. Yet at Electric Castle, Romania's major festival, people at the main stage were leaving an hour into their gig.

Why's that strange? Because the place was packed with people both at Parov Stelar and Fatboy Slim, in the pouring rain. During Rudimental every square meter near the main stage was packed so tightly that one couldn't fall over even if drunk as a lord. With Netsky it was the same. So if it wasn't raining and The Glitch Mob was doing a very decent set, then why was it so unpopular? Of course, they were still playing to thousands of people, but compared to Rudimental, it felt that the stage was running on half load. The explanation might be very simple. The Glitch Mob are new, unlike Fatboy Slim or Parov Stelar, so people couldn't relate to the "good old tunes". To make matters worse, the tunes of The Glitch Mob are unlikely to make it to Romanian commercial radio and TV stations in the near future. Under these circumstances there's no chance whatsoever that a group of people, who are used to being musically spoon-fed, will dig up glitches on their own.

The conclusion is clear: considering the fact that many deep heads were avoiding the main stage to jam to some wicked tunes at smaller stages, the Romanian public is not yet musically open mind(ear)ed, but it's following the right pathway. I have my fingers crossed for the moment to arrive when people will cherish the unknown just as much as they like to sing some widely popular lyrics.

Written by: Kado

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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