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Monday, July 20, 2015 21:07

The Romanian festival scene keeps growing at an astonishing rate. Is it too much or there's room for more?

Things are getting crowded over here and I've got something growing strong in me. That very thing is the feeling that there's no need to go abroad to see the all the artists on my bucket list. Airfield Festival is another addition to the Romanian festival scene that is working hard to make my head spin when trying to recall all the gigs I've been to. Somehow it slipped underneath my radar last year, and quite frankly, I didn't hear anyone speaking about it, maybe I know the wrong people (my mom always told me so). Since the first edition was held in 2014, it seems that the crew had the time to figure out the magic trick, or the money to pay the right agency to do a decent social media campaign, so the wannabe journalist can get another target lock.

It feels like the organizers don't have the treasure of Atlantis like the peeps making "Untold Festival" or the enormous army of Booha and Boiler trained professional organizers like "Electric Castle", but they do have some cool stuff up in their sleeves, like they are committed to Funktion One sound systems, which makes my ears clap on a tempo ranging from 85 to 135 bpm shifting between straight 4/4 and broken stuff. Even my cat climbs into my lap and pets me when it comes to Funktion One. They also let you to jump out of an airplane, and quite frankly, there's hardly any better cure for a terrible comedown, other than flushing your system with pure adrenaline. Maybe there will be colorful and smelly showers that no weather forecast will warn you about.

Mobb Deep, Ame, Krs-One, Gus Gus and a couple of other artists will be in charge to set the pace to the dancefloor. It is safe to state that Airfield Festival will be a cool place for music heads with no commercial vibe filled main stage to run away from. This seems nice and everything, but there's one important question to be answered. What the crowd will be like? It will attract music loving people who's going to have a couple of eargasms every night, or there will be lots of peeps who don't know how to handle music with no lyrics about love and heartbreak.

When I wrote the article about Electric vs. Untold I didn't had Airfield in mind, to transform the PVP into a free for all death-match, but even now, it wouldn't be fair to compare this event to the big shots. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe it's not about size or special locations. It will be interesting to see if Airfield Festival can jump across the bar or it could limbo underneath it. There's only one way to find out. Let's go there!
Stay tuned!

Written by Kado

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