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Tuesday, July 21, 2015 17:07

Mad mashups, many controversies, shows filled with energy and CO2 guns all make part of Shiver's image. We had a glimpse look into his world...

Some say he's the EDM star of Transylvania, some just simply love his banging craft and some say that he's selling out.
The question is, what's it like to run a full time career in a place where the vast majority of dance hungry people are toddlers on the fields of electronic music, and the tough core of the dance community consist of unforgiving deep heads, who take music very seriously.

In order to take a look inside his world, we asked him a couple of questions hoping to find out what's it like to be the ball in the Pinball Arcade of the Romanian dance scene. Also, we might get a better understanding of what the ball is made up, and why it behaves the way it does.

 The M-Pill. For those who don't know who's Shiver, Alex, Raul and Ethylen, what's one should know about the man behind the names?

• Shiver: A 10 year old kid in a teenage body dancing even when music's not playing.

The M-Pill: Where and how did you found the teleport to the universe of music? What made you to return from time to time and to stay there after a while?

• Shiver: I was a kid when I first listened to Phil Collins – Another day in paradise and cried all day after that... it seems I feel things normal people can't. There is no other way I can describe it.

The M-Pill: You've been using many kinds of gears including CDJs, Traktor S4 and Behringer CMDs. Why have you returned to use CJDs?

• Shiver: I lost the feeling of being a DJ for a while, had to feel the ugly Pioneer players under my fingers for the sake of feeling better while mixing. They suck... but there is nothing better right now.

• The M-Pill: The majority of the mixes are a kind of a story while a mashup is more like a stack of musical variety, energy and technical skill compressed into sound. In your eyes, is there a difference between mashups and mixes in their traditional interpretation?

• Shiver: Mash-ups are in my opinion the coolest thing a DJ can do to promote himself without becoming a youtube star with a cheap track playing in the radio. I could play underground mash-ups forever but I feel weird not making a show, a party has to be this place where you loose your head, we drink, we forget, we love, we enjoy. I used to play a weird kind of progressive techno... tried for like 5 years... nothing worked out.

• The M-Pill: Technology is paving the way for mashups and live remixing. The new gears from both Pioneer and Traktor have lots of live remixing functions these days. Do you think, could that be the future of DJing?

• Shiver: Nope, samples are just a new way of evolving in the market pretending to reinvent music, stay with the track, don't touch it, just mix it. Vinyl is coming back big time.

• The M-Pill: There's negative criticism regarding your craft coming from the "underground" community, such as playing too "mainstream" and being too showy. What's your reaction when you bump into this sort of feedback?

• Shiver: This is what I am, I tried being the techno DJ, you look like a clown these days acting mainstream on underground music, it's not like in the 90's in Germany where acid ruled parties. You either make a show or you don't, furthermore, you either stay the best and study the complaints to evolve in a better way or hide from criticism and act like douchebag DJ.

• The M-Pill: There's your new project Ethylen. What made you to walk down a line, which in terms of music is very different from Shiver? You also choose vinyl as the primary medium for Ethylen, which might have been a response to your critics. Is that right?

 Shiver: People had no idea what I can do without traktor, and I never did afford vinyl, now however with discogs a whole new universe opened up... and I want it, all of it to be seen while I'm playing my discs. And trying my best (not really) to create a live act set.

• The M-Pill: Looking away from the sheer love of music, what are your other motivations to push your craft further and further?

• Shiver: After more then 10 years in DJing and working in 4 festivals I want to reach a point where I'm making my own festival. Don't care if it's tomorrow or 40 years from now. That's my dream.

• The M-Pill: Do you have anything big coming up like new remixes or maybe a release sometimes?
• Shiver: I'm releasing a remix today on Ethylen for iON from Targu Mures. Check it out!

• The M-Pill: What's the ultimate goal you're chasing? Is there any?

• Shiver: Derrick May Junior :)

Here's one of his first mashup filled mixes. What does it sound like compared to Complextro 10? Don't be shy to hit the comments section. 

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