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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Saturday, August 30, 2014 22:34

These days it happens that some say that there is nothing new in music, there are no pioneers and things like that. I don't like to argue with people so for the most of the time I let these statements just to go in and out of my head with no reactions whatsoever.

Writing is different though. A written text is not aimed towards anyone and it also gives more room for thoughts to clarify themselves. So I don't feel like I'm hurting someone with contradicting his or her theory.

These days it happens that some say that there is nothing new in music

So you hear that there's no real talent and there are no new genres of music. Than you hear At Dawn We Rage and you realize the exact opposite of this misbelief. It is also important to mention here that a certain mindset and background knowledge is required to see that point. But I don't want to dig into that, since that topic will be discussed in detail in a future article.
Back on At The Dawn We Rage their music is a delightful mix of everything. They have some awesome trap remixes along with some smooth cocktail of chillout and deep house. Despite the huge stylistic spectrum of their music each and every track has something in common, which is a smooth and well-paced vibe. Using these sounds the "dubstep" they make is raising the whole stepping dubs phenomenon to a new level. A couple of years ago dubstep, or to be more correct the heir of dubstep, brostep took the leap and became the most prominent electronic genre out there. With Skrillex behind the wheel of the vessel it took over every semi-underground that I've seen during that era. A bit later, as it used to be a huge wave of bedroom producers started to make dubstep which resulted in a huge flow of music.

It became hard to find a good track amongst the zillions of brain mashing transformers sex tapes lacking video footage. The masses turned away from it only to find trap and gangsta house to jump on to the next upcoming thing in no time. Meanwhile those who have any degree of understanding of this whole thing could find unique pearls like At Dawn We Rage after countless hours of digging.

Anyway, it seems that these guys have managed to create something that I can only label as semi-organic ambient step

As I mentioned before, they have a lots of tracks covering wide ranges of musical spectrum and not all of them are a total bit-load of epicness, but hey... Is there any musician out there who makes just mind-blowing tunes?
Anyway, it seems that these guys have managed to create something that I can only label as semi-organic ambient step. Their tracks like "Isra's Voyage, 4U, Always Ahead or the Road To San Juan" are the best specimens of this rare breed. Of course they have other excellent works as well like "Nothing Bad" which is a bit more kickass but it also delivers that smooth vibe or flow or whatever you want to call it which makes me to love these tunes. Contribution to the trap scene is also something that these guys won't miss so they made an outstanding remix for Aniki, K Theory – Thou Shall Not Touch. It is just way to awesome.

All of these track give a unique experience, and they are easy to find on soundcloud and the best part is yet to come, these tracks are all for free so go and gram 'em till you can .
P.S. Don't forget, there is always nice new good music, you just have to dig deep enough.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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