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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
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Suddenly you're awakened by the buzz of the neon tube haging above. If you ever been into the sci-fi world in the mid 90's and before, your mind will be blown apart in the best possible meaning of the word.

The vibes and beats of Perturbator make the perfect setup for a trip back to the future. In no time you wake up somewhere standing on the balcony of a mile high skyscraper wandering into the dirty mass what appears to be a city. As the cheap neon lights give the city a fake red aura, you feel yourself as a natural part of the glooming night. But you block your HUD, all you want to do is to wonder into the distance. You might have memories that you never had before. As the music sneaks into your brain and it goes deeper and deeper a whole new world is emerging in the front of your spiritual eyes.

Steampunk, lasers, weird colors, cyborgs, sky-high cities, gray skies,eternal gloom covering the city For a moment I want to turn away from the album itself to talk about Perturbator's track called electric dreams. This tune takes you to the static retro-futuristic bedroom of a citizen living in new Hong Kong up on the 231st floor. You look around, the room is all quiet, and the only sound that comes in is from the highway maglevs as they rip apart the air with their mind-blowing speed. The computers are shut down, everything is momentarily dead. Nothing can interfere with your thoughts; the mind is free to fly between the clouds of the electric vibes. You feel relaxed.

In fact Electric Dreams was the track that showed me the way to Perturbator. I heard it in the soundtrack of Hotline Miami. As a side mission to the reading of this article I recommend to listen to that soundtrack and furthermore I'll recommend to try out the game. If you like gaming of course.

Nothing can interfere with your thoughts; the mind is free to fly between the clouds of the electric vibesSo it's time to take a "look" into the album itself. The first track is called The New Black. The dawn that you met from the electric dreams comes to an end. The city comes alive. You leave the balcony and head to the streets. As you make your first steps on the lover-city levels all you see is filth and dirt, not to talk about the overwhelming chaos that lurks behind every corner. Big screens hanging above the streets only to show you the news filled with crime, conspiracy, death and the lack of hope. But it's usual so you just go forward into the vibrating streets. It's tough but you like it just like that, it has a proper feeling, there is no need and no room for change.

You get to your workplace, The Eclipse. It's a long way down in the elevator. You put your gear on. You are ready long before you had arrived to the destination. It is a magic place where the guardians of the remaining world gather to talk about their tasks and duties. The whole atmosphere makes you determined. Your body and soul synchronizes perfectly for the mission. All of a sudden you find yourself on the drop-ship listening to the last words from your master.

You're heading into the darkness to fight with the raw nature and to die glorious. The "I am the night" squadrons have arrived. The enemy jumps from every corner in the very first blink of an eye as a guardian sets foot the land of the night. It's a true heroic fight. The well trained guardians stand their ground as the mutants of the dark horde try to push them into eternal darkness by their magic and scary jaws. The enemy outnumbers the guardians by thousands or more. You know it, there could be only one end to it. Luckily this fails to bother you at all because you know your sacred goal. You are pushing to the max and beyond. In a moment everything slows down and you start to float, everything disappears, reality collapses into something else.

In a moment everything slows down and you start to float, everything disappears, reality collapses into something elseSomething that is called Naked Tongues. Everything glows. Big sky-blue metal heads whisper beautifully into your ears. You are floating towards the light. It is sheer beauty and it warms up the cold, emotionally sealed heart, it gives life to the soul.The dream continues and it is called Nexus Six. You find yourself in the forest of the elders. It is a truly magical and astonishing place where you forget all of your past troubles. You don't want anything else but to be there for an eternity and it seems to be permanent until all voices go quiet.

You slowly open your eyes as the communicator brings you shattered voices, it's the Technoir. After every function of your body reloads you start following the noise. Everything seems to be odd and strange; you're running from something and for something while avoiding unknown obstacles. The tempo increases and the whole thing is becoming more and more intense. The voices are getting closer. You are almost there, the tension grows to the peak and...
As you get there the Desire hits you in the face. You start to see all the things that were sweet and close to you and all the good things that might have had happened. The icy armor on the heart gets another heat-shock. You have no idea whatsoever about where this whole thing is going.

Suddenly you hear your mother's voice and you make a promise, than you hit the streets as a young lad. You're back in your hometown and it seems like everything is cool, you just had a nightmare of growing up, you had a vision, and now you're back at the Arcade shooting and snorting stuff. The party is not far from the arcade. It feels good to be a teenager again and hit life head on with no worries. The long night and the drugs take their toll, you collapse on the floor.

It feels good to be a teenager again and hit life head on with no worries You hear the sound of rotors, what the hell on earth is going on? You're in the chopper, covered in blood. You hear the guns blazing. As you look up you see, you've been knocked out for a while. But you're back in business. The guns are still there. It's time to help, time to shoot up some flying mutant bastards. As the chopper comes out of the darkness you are able to see the sun. It has never been that shiny.

The chopper lands and the Ghost dancers already slay together. The bomb has been planted; the time has arrived for the big attack. Armies march through the cities. Their sheer size and the looks says it all. It has to be over, now or never. For a moment you see your beloved ones, but you are a guardian, though the icy layers have been weakened on your heart, you're still one of them. It's time to go back to the fight.

The bomb explodes. It's time to go. These are some magic moments, the moments of when you regret all your decisions. The price of failure, the failure of being a man, not a machine. And the internal poison that boils in the veins make the magic happen, victory comes at a price that one day you will be able to pay.
What is left behind the battle? So many bodies lying around, ruins, but the darkness fades away. The heart of the land, the volcanic machinery is free for use again. The enslaving chains are loose. The place of gods can be worshipped again.
And life carries on with two other bonus tracks. :)

I could be sorry for not writing a typical review, but music is not like cars or cellphones. And this is not some everyday music. It is something truly unique and mesmerizing. I can't do anything else but to recommend it. I hope that the visions that I get from this masterpiece will make you to support Perturbator. He truly deserves it.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
A society halfway morphed into a cyborg, spreading its tentacles around Earth