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Wednesday, May 07, 2014 20:32

"Science of Noise" is not your average album. Slighter aka Colin C. is not the guy who's running after trends to find a dozen new fans amongst the teenagers who are hooked on the actually dominant sound. Whatever he has in his mind ends up in your speakers in one way or another.

"Science of Noise" is one of the links that connects the listener to the sounds of the unique, untouched by business universe. The album takes the listeners for a ride of twelve tracks. The first half of the album is there to calm the disturbed consciousness by escaping the lights of those messy constantly flashing worlds. It's so peaceful and sweet that if you're tired while listening to it you will fall asleep instantly. The first time when I was listening to it and writing about it I was instantly sent into the dream world, literally. I wanted to write, but ultimately the music was writing my dreams. So I was trolled by the music. Music – Me 1-0.

connects the listener to the unmapped universe of sounds With no doubt "Above Ground" was the one track that knocked me out. Even now, after ten hours of sleep I find it hard to resist the temptation to close my eyes and to wander off just to fall asleep again. And then "Pathways" grabs you with the sound of magic. As soon as you open your soul it will take you down the corridors of your mind. As you go further and further you will find something. Your inner peace will be there.

After "Pathways" the music changes a lot. "Wrecked" and the following three songs are wild and aggressive. All you got to do is to summon your greatest fears to clash their forces head on with the power of Slighter's music. Before you get totally "Wrecked" "Deadly" takes you to the seemingly peaceful land of the dead. Walking with the deceased souls has quite a feel to it. It's not something that one forgets in a couple of days. Later on the album leaves the land of the dead, but if you want more just give a shot for Puscifer's "Momma Sed".

Walking with the deceased souls has quite a feel to it By the time you get to the last three tracks the clarity will be long gone. The music becomes inpatient with each track having a totally different style. Maybe this is the way to keep the balance between order and chaos?
Ultimately you will need some discipline and curiosity to go through the second half of the album. It will challenge your self-proclaimed open minded attitude. I needed some time as well to realize that as one ages and listens to this and that the previously known music could cause a backlash which makes people to ban some sort of new sound just because it won't match their previous pre-conceptions. This is where science of noise steps in the tears the whole thing apart. I you let it to.

On the last thought, this album is no good for those who are new to the depths of the sound. It will scare the unexperienced ears away. In the meantime it is a mysterious challenge for the audiophile. So if you would like to get a tough challenge than this album is for you.

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