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Monday, September 08, 2014 11:58

Slighter's new EP is out and it is such a smashing, potent stuff.

But before discussing it some insight might be needed about the previous works of Slighter for the sake of better understanding his craft.

Slighter latest album the "Science of Noise" is a strange creature and a musical challenge. It didn't surprised me that it evolved even further into something that is far beyond the well-known shiny surface of the sea of music.
The most of us are just swimming on the surface of the music. Some submerge after taking a deep breath too look around what's underneath. But these are shallow waters and there is light. By going deeper and deeper one finds itself in the twilight zone and this is exactly where "Science of Noise" is. There is no sense in going deeper. It is cold, it is dark, and it's dangerous.

The most of us are just swimming
on the surface of the music

These dark, cold, unknown places are filled with dangers, new stuff and a heck of an adventure I might add. This is the point where the whole thing turns from hobby into profession and a hardcore addiction. People who go there are pioneers, discoverers and "industrial divers". The public has very little knowledge about these places and the heroic work that has to be done there keep the whole system alive. To survive in the depths one needs discipline, power of will and focus, not to talk about all the previous preparations and the learning process. Going in there might be the time of our life, or it could turn into a misery that one wants to forget ASAP.

The ViP EP grabs the listener from the twilight zone of the "Science of Noise" and races down to the unknown depths. At first it's an overload. It is just too much, it's freezing and the pressure is cracking. It just gets strange and even strager until all collapses on one point. A few minutes after the overload the mind reboots to match the things experienced down there to something from the well-known world. Breaks rule the place with traces of DnB and acid hotspots. Despite of knowing the components, in that context they are adding up to something that is most definitely not for the faint hearted and even those who are hardcore enough for it have to evaluate their conditions before hitting the play button.

The hard and heavy sounds are like a potent LSD.
The set and the setting has to be right for it.

I have experienced both possible outcomes of this music induced trip. When I've begun writing the article I had a great time listening to it. It was total unimaginable freedom for my mind. The energy levels were off the charts and my mind went berserk over the astonishing amount of things that never been seen before. Sadly I was unable to do it that day and the next day turned out to be different. I've ended up listening to some other music while finishing these lines because I was so disturbed by the sound. In fact I had to have some sleep to pull my mind out of a depression like state.
To sum up the thing, I'm prescribing this EP to those who have conditions like: hardcore music addiction, breaks disorder and DnB fever. The side effects can vary from total euphoria to "holy shit turn that off, its killing me".

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