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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 08:53

I'm hearing lots of outcries about this U2 free iTunes album. "It will kill what's left of the music biz!!" ... All I can do is roll my eyes.

7 years ago (next month to be exact) Radiohead did the same thing with In Rainbows. Screams of "Omg! we're doomed!" began. A year later Nine Inch Nails did the same with The Slip... And certain people took to the streets with their "END IS NEAR" signs... Yet here we still are, enjoying music, and there's plenty of it. Tell me again how vinyl record plants can't keep up with the DEMAND for physical vinyl presses* again?

Ask yourself, who's behind this outcry? Chances are, it's a musician who's music we've forgotten about (and chances are, it wasn't great to begin with.) Others following suit are most likely in shitty bands, that can't get anyone to listen to them... NOT because people don't care about music, but entirely because THEY MAKE SHITTY MUSIC. Stop projecting your creative failure onto the rest of us please, be better at your craft instead.
Great music is still being made, bought and sold, I'd say some of the BEST music I've heard in my life so far has been in the last few years. There's no shortage of it.

What is true, beyond a doubt is the shortage in the wealth:
Becoming super rich in the "music industry" is now a blip in the timeline of recorded music. Gene Simmons says 'Rock Is Dead' because a rock band can no longer afford the mountains of drugs, private jets, and excess he had. And having all that does not equate to great music being made. If anything, I'd argue that the comfort of piles of money, coupled with the smiley A&R rep from the major label coddling your "genius", only helped make some of the shittiest records I've ever heard. Boo fucking hoo I say. Let's get music back to being an art form, instead of charade of glamour and excess.
Don't let someone else's pissy perspective on a failed career (i'm looking at you Lowery) dictate how you love and enjoy music. I don't care if you stream it on Spotify or buy a limited edition vinyl pressing, we will still be here, making worthwhile music. Support us how you can, that's all that maters.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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