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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Thursday, September 11, 2014 12:24

House as we know it is one of the most basic genre of electronic music with a remarkable lineage of evolution.

fter giving birth to the sound of acid, deep and many other highly influential sub-genres house took on the 21st century as well. After the millennia electro house was the new sound which morphed into Dutch House by 2009-2010. From this point came the one thing that managed to highjack the ears of millions turning electronic music from a partially underground scene into the most popular genre in the history of mankind. BigRoom House took over a festival scene at a ferocious rate pulling in even those into the vortex of festival fever who were never ever interested in this sort of things. In the same time the term EDM came along to cover those expressions like electronica, electronic music, electronic who the hell knows what under one term, electronic dance music.

From this point came the one thing
that managed to highjack the ears of millions

People love cool sounding abbreviations like KFC, NFL, THC and so on and so for. It was only a matter of time before the popular music was linked to the well-known term, in the most incorrect way. Big Room house being the most popular sound and EDM being the most popular music related abbreviation, they were linked. Nowadays even when a top-notch DJ or producer says EDM they refer to Big Room house. And what is wrong with it?

Well electronic dance music stands for all electronic music that people are dancing to, technically speaking. So if someone dances to Richie Hawtin's techno set, than the fact itself pushes that music under the umbrella of EDM. It's time to crucify me!!! Or not. Yet again I would only like to emphasize: "It's speaking technically". Since this strange linguistic evolution of the term is wide-spread, hereinafter I will use EDM according to the mainstream trend as an equivalent for Big Room House.

Now that I managed to put the linguistic part behind, it is time to see where EDM is heading. Yet again, the road was paved to the next step and the only thing needed for people to discover it was another clever term to make it easy to remember. The audiences need something more to grasp on than the pure sound. They need names, brands, abbreviations and a lot of other stuff that creates the so called culture which is will become the point of reference for the respective style. So GTA stepped in and created Hard House. Hard house is the result of the unavoidable crossover between Moombathon, Trap and Big Room House. It is not a new thing since EDM, Trap and Moombathon were close audience and venue-vise with a lot of DJs mixing these genres. Only it was GTA who came up with a term for it and made it their trademark. And this is what you need if you want to "establish a genre".

Hard house is the result of the unavoidable crossover
between Moombathon, Trap and Big Room

Hard house is already marching forward on the US scene and it is only a matter of a viral video to make the whole thing known world-wide. DJ Snake's "Turn Down For What" featuring Lil Jon already has 100 million views on youtube which is more than enough to establish a new genre. The only thing thou is that the term Hard House is not attached to it in any way. In fact the track is a crossover. Dj Snake, , Diplo and naturally GTA are all on this boat along with many others. Based on these performers an important question rises which is: how to decide if listening to trap or hard house? The answer is not simple, since these genres are in their early ages and they are constantly defining themselves.

The sound is mostly Trap and Moombathon with Big Room soundscape. The time signature is not even close to four-on-the-floor. Furthermore it tends to be all over the place in a way that it leaves me puzzled. But it can be distinguished from genuine new-trap, Moombathon or Moombahcore since the stylistic elements and the layout of the loops and drops is definitely from Big Room.

The remaining question is if it would get enough attention to be developed further to have some very specific stylistic elements or it will just fade away as a term that was injected into the world of electronic music with no remarkable results. Who could say? Time will.

(Please Note: This kind of Hard House has very little to do with Uk Hard House from the 90's)

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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