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Saturday, September 13, 2014 11:01

From time to time it happens that you are looking for the ultimate sound that sends shivers down your spine and catapults your mind into the universe of pure sounds.

It's not just about the mind-fuck you get, it's about the fever that is transmitted to your body. Some sounds are enough to get your mind high but that's it. They are the tracks that you want to listen to while lying on your sofa with your cat.
But there is another side. The side that makes your mind climb the highest of peaks and rockets your body into motion. The ultimate raving experience, for me at least. Fluke's Risotto hits the bullseye of this category.

It is the sound of sex mixed with dancing
in the meanest place that a mind can create

Absurd is the first track and it just kicks you over the edge of a very deep (high?) rabbit hole. It is the sound of sex mixed with dancing in the meanest place that a mind can create.. These sounds always remind me that back then, at the dawn of electronic era people went to parties not because of the fame of an artist, not for picking up chicks, not to get drunk as hell but to enjoy the music, THE SOUND.

This is the very sound that brings back all those epic party sceneries from movies which gave me a default setting of how a cool party should sound and look like. The bloodbath scene from Blade 1 and many-many scenes from the Matrix movies flash in the front of my eyes as I'm listening to Risotto.
Between the flashbacks and moments of musical clarity one should realize that this kind of music might very well be the thing for intelligent raving. The uplifting feel is just way above the charts but without mashing basslines and uber-high energy synths, predictable loops and drops. Every track has a nice curvature that goes along the track without any sudden changes which is the best thing that music can do to generate a flow.

As you wander further and further into the world of the album you are going to lose it at some point. I mean after a while it's just going to be there just like breathing. I only noticed the fact when the music stopped playing and I was like wait, something's not ok. So if you're new to the world of electronica than you should look for these old masterpieces to experience the absolutely amazing sounds of the past. It will change your perspective as you perceive EDM that pulled you into this world.

On the last thought I'd like to turn to my fellow colleagues and ask them to show music like this to their new audience. It is our responsibility to keep these magical vibes alive.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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