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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Saturday, September 20, 2014 20:14

Gangsta house is the new phenomenon that is spreading in the music world at an astonishing rate. Rap and hip hop on proper 4/4 beats.

There is really not much out there on the web about Gangsta House but the sound. A few days ago I was on the fourth tab on Google's search results for Gangsta House but I couldn't really find anything but mixes and songs. As days was passing by and I skipped a few on writing the article. After picking up the thing again three days later I found significantly more hits on the topic, so the scene is evolving by the passing day and the duo responsible for the whole phenomena are marching towards fame.

The French DJ – Producer duo Amine Edge & Dance are the guys to look for The French DJ – Producer duo Amine Edge & Dance are the guys to look for. Considered the pioneers of G-House or Gangsta House they have already made an Essential Mix on Pete Tong's highly popular radio show. Of course they have a huge underground prominence by now in France and the UK. I'm very curious to see them a couple of months later if the style gets adopted by the commercial scene. If this happens I will be able to experience and to document the evolution of this genre on its way out of from the underground scene. This is the first time when I can see this phenomenon going on in the front of my eyes not just reading about it months or years later on Wikipedia.

Looking back at my previous article on Hard House the comparison with Gangsta House might sound as something relevant that should be discussed but as far as I see these two genres are not directly related. They show similar tendencies but the two sounds are not even close, one using trap as basis with Big Room house elements and the other using Deep House as basis for being spiced with Rap and Hip-Hop samples.

The musical mixture depicted above doesn't even sound strange. The pace of the deep house matches nicely the vocals creating a unique atmosphere. This flow of the Gangsta House could have an interesting effect on the target audience of deep house and rap since there is a significant cultural distance between these audiences. As a result of this music it is possible that these audiences will mix, or another cultural sub-genre will emerge on the footsteps of this style. This topic will be the matter of a couple of new articles, that's for sure. I also have a slight feeling that these articles will come along in a short matter of time. It is astonishing how the total globalization of the music biz boosts the rate of development. While in the 80's it took 5-10 years for a genre like house to come out of the underground now it is happening in months. Something can go viral days which can be a significant push for a sound to come to join the mainstream.

I'm only wondering about how on earth is possible that so little people had discovered this crossover until now in terms of musical journalism. The recipe was there beginning with the 80's. Maybe this was the right time for the discovery.

Despite all of the facts I'm still not sure that Gangsta House wasn't present before it was only hiding in the depths for years. Further digging is required for clues in the past that might be linked to this Gangsta House outbreak. Now the only thing we need is a little time to see where this whole thing goes. Stay stoked you guys.

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