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Friday, October 03, 2014 21:45

When one wanders off into the web some great things will come in sight and it becomes even better when their symbiosis becomes relevant. Synth and cyberpunk amplify each other in a jaw-dropping way.

Synthesizers are the backbone of electronic music since the 50's. New tracks still show signs of the sound effects first introduced as features of the MiniMoog back in the 70's. As the synthesizers became popular with the spread of the Minimoog a new genre was born with a distinctive mark of being almost entirely made up of synth sounds.

Not surprisingly the style was named as synth. Much creative. Jean Michel Jarre was and still is the first highly popular synth artist. He begun to make a name for himself in the 70's and even to this day he has some pretty amazing concerts all around the globe. (Synthpop came from the same place but as music and sound it became something totally different.)

The pulsating vibe creates a perfect set for a retro-futuristic cyberpunk worldSome ten years later the 80's have made its mark on art with blurry Ferrari F-40s', the Knight Rider series, the Back to Future saga, the Blade Runner and a whole bunch of other stuff that formed the era to the shape how we know it. Soundwise house, hip-hop, techno, rap, and electro came to life. Synth was there as well adopting to the cultural shifts that resulted in a new sub-culture which will last longer than one might expect.

As cyberpunk begun to gain popularity in the 80's the sounds of the synth have proven to be just right to depict the fate of the antagonist of the decaying future world governed by mega corporations.

So how should we name the genre that has a strong bond with cyberpunk culture and it is basically synth music? As far as I see Cyber-Synth could be just right for it. Of course there are another bunch of labels such as synthwave, minimal synth or synth punk. These genres all differ in some ways and there will be another article on that topic just to spare the space here for the beloved cyber-synth. Cyber-synth could be synthwave or synth or any synth driven music that is somehow affiliated with cyberpunk culture.

The pulsating vibe creates a perfect set for a retro-futuristic cyberpunk world. I've rarely seen occasions when the music is in such harmony with the imaginary world. It is like our memories are resurrecting from the graves of the past as your old spaceship from Descent tears across the sky carrying Robocop. I don't even know how to point it out any better. The best thing to understand is to watch this clip for Flashworxs' "Futurisma".

Or if you have another option. The big cities of Japan are cyberpunk as they are so all you got to do is fly to Tokyo and take a ride on the streets with some top-notch synth banging on some quality headphones. You'll definitely get it. But for those who are in a situation like me with no money for joys like this the internet is crawling with cyberpunk related art and cultural references.

The big cities of Japan are cyberpunk as they are On youtube there are channels like Maniac Synth providing the sound and you can also find some very monumental cyberpunk masterpieces like Akira or Blade Runner. Putting these goldie-oldies aside there are contemporary pieces of art that operate with the pulsating synth sound. Drive (the movie) has a tiny bit of it, Kavinskys' album the Outrun offers some of the feel as well, but the thing that really raises the bar is Hotline Miami. I've wrote recently about the soundtrack of that game which showed me so many great artists, Including Perturbator, the dark lord of the new synth scene. This is just a surface, if you stick your head beneath it there will be tons of blogs on tumblr and who the hell knows where else. From there on the whole thing turns into a geeky daydreaming with all sorts of scientific pleasures, anime series, books. You name it, you have it. Basically I'm still stuck on the "below the surface" layer because the lack of time, but one day I will reach the bottom of it, if there is such thing.

See you guys there, somewhere in the future. I'll hope we are all going to show up highly augmented, listening to some cyber-synth on our cutting edge built in Boose speakers.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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