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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 21:33

We all listen to some kind of music. We also like to talk about bad and good music. But how do we tell if something is good or bad?

What makes us like or hate a certain track and what are the reasons behind our decisions. Are we making the good choices when there is so much music out there?

Here are some points that could help you to select what's the best for you:

1. No memories involved. Memories are important to all of us and we are attached to them. Just like everything else music is linked to memories and vice versa. The thing is though that some memories can be linked to any kind of songs because of a situation and there is no guarantee that the song reaches the absolute bottom line of quality. I too have songs like that stuck in my head, but it is very important to know that sweet memories and quality music are far-far away from one another. Consider this normal.

2. It has to make you move without realizing it. A nice tune always makes you move. Slight head-banging and constantly moving legs are the sings that your body is aware of the music even if you're paying attention to something else.

3. Shiver and creeps are proof.

4. You feel a desperate need to own it. These days it is quite common that people are pleased with their playlists on youtube and soundcloud, but if you have really fallen in love with the track than you will buy (khmm download) it any way possible. It is the same as seeing a pair of uber-cool shoes on the shelf that are begging you to buy them.

5. Triggers creative imagination. Not all, but a very large portion of cool tracks have the ability to skyrocket your mind out of the dimensions of the known world. I wouldn't even call something music that is not making someone to evolve in some way. Music is art and art should be always about showing new stuff and pushing the boundaries.

singing and hitting repeat over and over 6. It serves as an instant mood booster. It might give you copious amounts of energy, it could make you unimaginably happy, it could give you a feel mixed with memories that you never had before or it could amplify your current mood regardless of what it is.

7. Last but not least (and this is the best by far) it makes you dancing while washing the dishes, it makes you jumping around in your room like an idiot, it could also make you singing and hitting repeat over and over.

Written by: Kado

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