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Tuesday, November 04, 2014 21:19

The shape of electronic music is changing at a rate that is way too fast for most of us. As there is more and more stuff out there. Producers have to go further and further to get some attention.

You can feel that in the sound. There are tons and tons of new noises to grab your attention. It would be a major mistake form me to label this good or bad. It is how it is, musical evolution is something far greater than us. Mostly the reasons for my statement in the previous paragraph is that many non and music-head people are telling that there is no new music and nothing compares to the good old times and blah-blah.

Breakbeat hardcore had everything I love such as electro driven sounds, acid spicing and breaks of course This is where Lee Coombs steps in. Lee has been around the breaks scene for quite a while. During 2014 he was releasing EP's and singles with another producer Costas G. It took me quite a while to find them and to gather the power to wirte the review, but it's worth it.

Breakbeat hardcore or rave music was the phenomena that made the people of England go crazy over electronic music. Breakbeat hardcore had everything I love such as electro driven sounds, acid spicing and breaks of course. This is the perfect prescription to totally lose your mind on the dance floor. Before anyone should panic that breakbeat hardcore or rave music is dead, I would add that there are producers keeping this sound alive. Lee Coombs and Costas G are amongst them.

Their track "Phunked" is the thing. Everything works like it should. Breaks are adding the funk, electro adds the energy and acid turns the whole thing upside down creating its own unique atmosphere. It's not smooth music nor hard ass kicking stuff. It's not extreme in any way, I'd call nicley balanced. It was made in a way to create total musical transcendence. It is impossible to describe how it feels. You just want to dance, you want to know what it is and you don't want it to end. Lee and G also have other brilliant tracks like their remix for Electric Soulside's "Venusia" and more.

Now if you want a glimpse of the past while staying in the present here's your chance.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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