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Wednesday, November 05, 2014 21:05

We all know or at least tend to know that good things come over time and not when expected. Slighters's Pathways EP is the product of this delay driven phenomena.

As you can read it in a previous review, Slighter's album Science of Noise came out quite a while ago. "Pathways" was one of the many tracks featured on the album. The album wasn't for the faint-eared. "Pathways" featuring R. A. Desilets was one of the easier ones, considering the fact that the whole album is an audiophile playground.

I've never ever thought that I could imagine Pathways playing at a techno crazed German venue but now I canThe new EP aims to bring this track even closer to the general public, to you and me. The EP contains four remixes of the track and ohhh booay the remixers did a great job. Springa's remix stands out by miles for me, but that doesn't mean the other three are worthless. All four tracks have their own unique atmosphere but if I have to list them I would stick to the order as they follow one another on the EP. Maybe they were listed following the very same principles that I had in mind when deciding which is better.

I've never ever thought that I could imagine Pathways playing at a techno crazed German venue but now I can. It sounds much like Kalkbrenner's spicy, energy filled techno. The beauty of the thing is the track shifting dimensions without losing its depth. This is how you put a track in perfect balance. On one side you need a totally gearhead producer who is constantly pushing the boundaries of music and it is very unlikely that you will ever understand his/her craft. On the other hand you need someone to bring this wild beast of creation closer to the people by making it more of a puppy.

The end result will be something like this EP which won't scare off the average music consumer and still has plenty of merit in it to stand out from a sea of tracks that were produced with the purpose of achieving this status.

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Before you start feeling hip, this track is almost a year old and Noisey have already tired to ruin it.
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