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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Thursday, November 20, 2014 22:55

Everywhere you go you hear some music. In the store, at your friends place, in your mom's kitchen and so for.

Everyone is listening to some kind of music. Or at least they tend to believe that. The reality tough, which is a though one, is that many of them are merely listening to anything that can be referred to as music. When it comes to small built-in speakers there is no music just some distorted airwaves labeled as sound. Things like that and a lot of other factors could turn one of the most pleasing hobbies into a pile of... So here are the things that ruin music:

1. Small built-in speakers. iPads, laptops, phones and cheap radios can always freak you out. Right now, you're probably about to say something like "My iPad sounds real nice" ... and you'll be lying to yourself to the greatest extent.

2. If you go somewhere and there's music don't start listening to something else especially if both of you are using loudspeakers. Also if you go someplace where two different kinds of music are playing at the same place and it isn't controlled by a DJ than run as fast as you can. (Some DJs could mess up real bad as well, you should consider running)

3. Streaming providers sometimes slap you in the face with a sound qulaity that is barely satisfying. Off course you won't hear that lack of it when using the free headphones offered by the airline but as soon as you have at least the simplest 2.1 sound-system the difference will be noticeable. Downloaded tracks at 320kbps are just better than almost all streaming services.

Some DJs could mess up real bad as well,
you should consider running

 4. Listening to music non-stop also poses certain dangers, but these ones are just minor problems compared to the others. If listening to anything non-stop you'll develop a so called immunity towards the sound. As following you won't even here it. Actually it's going to blend into the large cluster of background noises. In this case you're wasting resources for something that you can solve with the opening of the windows, or you may miss out on a special track just because you weren't paying any kind of attention.

5. Not upgrading your collection can lead to certain handicaps when it comes to the globalized cultural know-how. Besides that, it is pretty scary to think that some could watch the same movie over and over again for an entire life without paying attention to the new ones. The same goes for music as well. Okay, listening to oldies is essential, but listening to a mostly unchanged playlist for a lifetime feels a bit odd for me.

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