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The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Monday, December 08, 2014 20:58

We all know what French house and UK garage is and how it sounds like. There are many other genres that can be linked to a specific nation.

The interesting thing about these styles is that one does not necessarily have to be British to produce UK garage, nor French to make French-touch house. It all comes down to the sound.

Why can anyone pinpoint these genres as heard? It's quite simple. As far as history can tell different groups off people from all around the world had their own unique way for expressing their art. This art was defined by their surrounding and the conditions they were living in. All in all cultures were mostly far from one another so they developed in different ways. These differences were present all across the history. There were also similarities in music but that was only limited to the technology available for musicians in a given moment of history.

USA was the perfect breeding ground for electronic musicAs time was passing by a few things came along that defined the music of a given region. These were the major artistic styles of the past decades, the spread of religion and the rise of different regimes that used every from of art to their own advantage. Regardless of all these factors, music can be distinguished easily regarding its origin.

Things with electronic music is different though. Almost all of the electronic genres came from a mixture of very different cultures, technological advancements and appearance of cultural globalization. USA was the perfect breeding ground for a phenomena like this to develop. Some black kids separated by three generations from their native culture were about to create a whole new culture that defines many lives worldwide by today. Breakbeat, hip-hop, house, techno and partially disco, just to name the most relevant ones, were all the works of black teenagers who wanted to make some kick-ass tunes with the tech gear they could get their hands on.

Jesse Saunders,
Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Kool Herc, Bambaataa and
Juan Atkins 
I think none of them have guessed back in the day the sheer size and the prominence of the culture created by twisting knobs on a 303. And look what happened, the works of Jesse Saunders, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Kool Herc, Bambaataa and Juan Atkins are defining the world. As their music spread around the world each end every nation had its own vision of these newly born electric genres. Back in the 80's and 90's there still was a significant difference between electronic styles that came from different places. A couple of years later the internet became the most important channel of communication for the creative masses, and all of a sudden everything was rushing towards total cultural globalization.
Today "local genres" are living their 2nd and 3rd reincarnations as the members of the older generations are still hooked to them, but the future seems to be pretty clear, it is all shifting towards global trends.

Where does this ends? I won't think it'll ever end. But we can take a look inside the process to understand it and to embrace the change. Evolution is key isn't it?

We'll figure it out by digging deeper and seeing where we're at right now.
Stay tuned for "House from the land of the rising sun"

Written by: Kado

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