Many parents worry for their children. They fear for their future carrier, they wish to keep them clear of drugs and they want them to have a good life.



The minimal-tech house scene got huge over the last couple of years.
Monday, December 15, 2014 19:14

Sounds are strange. We cannot eat, drink or breathe them. We cannot walk on them and we cannot make shelters out of it.

Yet sounds are omnipresent in our reality and we can alter it to our greatest pleasures. People from all around the world have tried to grasp the essence of music by saying things like: "Music is what feelings sound like" or "Everything owes its existence solely and completely to the sound". All of this can be true and false at the same time.

My best guess is that music is something beyond our contemplation, since we enjoy it, but we don't know why and in the same time it transcends, bends time and it has the force to unify people from all across the globe and maybe, but just maybe from all the palces where humans will live in the future. Some could say that all this chatter comes down to nothing, but here is the very proof to show you, that music indeed it is a magical thing.

There is no better example for showing this than to show how it could change lives for the best. It could turn a violent street gang like the "Black Spades" of Bronx into a group known of its merits for creating cultural values and offering you kids an alternative path (If you're interested in that part you should watch the "The Hip Hop Years Part 1" from the 11th minute, but I'll recommend the whole movie).

Music can inspire you to avoid the ways of crime, it can motivate you to pull through some heavy could also motivate you, to create something new, something that's totally of the scale.

Music could also motivate you, to create something new, something that's totally of the scale.

The most important thing that we can learn from this is if one loves something than that love will be the most powerful drive towards one's goals.

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