Many parents worry for their children. They fear for their future carrier, they wish to keep them clear of drugs and they want them to have a good life.

We all know or at least tend to know that good things come over time and not when expected. Slighters's Pathways EP is the product of this delay driven phenomena.

Scattle - 2 - results.


The Best of Drugs
1. Magic Sword - The Way Home 2. FLVN - febunu 3. Scattle - Soft Spoken 4. Kit Romas - Below The Sky 5. Trouble Andrew - Time For Living 6. Botnit - 1991 7. London Grammar - Hey Now (Ethylen Remix) 8. Douche Beat - Would You 9. Nightfox - Firebird 10. FunkFerret - Ecstacy Hope you like them :) Get'em while free. Selection by: Kado

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Scattle - Deja vu

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